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Last months of 2019

I had such good intentions to keep adding to my blog but...I didn't. It seems with the many end of year events I found myself caught up in, I never got back to doing it.

So, although very late I shall now add to the mix, some of the events I was involved in.

Event Number 1. The ACT Chief Minister's Reading Awards is a wonderful morning at the NLA. It brightens my heart to see the eager faces of the kids filling the theatre, chatting in excitement and anticipation as they take their seats. It is a moment of great achievement and celebration for them. I applaud all the brilliant readers who participated in the 2019 challenge. It's also a celebration and reminder for the authors as to why we write our books. Reading Rocks!!!!

Children's Author Harry Laing giving the Ambassador speech.

Ambassadors- Tania McCartney, Chief Minister Andrew Barr, Tracey Hawkins, Harry Laing, and Irma Gold,


Event Number 2. Who isn't excited to see and hear Morris Gleitzman in real life?

Yes, even we mere mortal authors know the awesomeness of a gifted writer and take every opportunity to hear their words of wisdom.

I took this photo of Morris at the National Library of Australia, speaking about completing his two year appointment as 2018-2019 Australian Children's Laureate.


Number 3. ACT SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) Christmas celebrations 2019.

What happens when you gather a group of writers and illustrators together? We talk! Of course we have a gravitation to words and during our creative processes, we often work alone. So it's a much like a gathering of over-hyped kids when we meet. There's lots to share: we exchange and show new books published, discuss everyone's successes, talk about new projects, gigs, plots that are stagnant...

It was a hot summer night for our Christmas party and we joined other noisy crowds all doing the same.

Okay—I bet you're wondering what authors give each other as Kris Kringle gifts?????????????

BOOKS of course :) We all love getting a new book.

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