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The Riddle of Tanglewood Manor

Releasing 1st February 2022

"I love that children are naturally inquisitive little humans, sometimes even brave and daring in their quest. But what would happen if they discovered themselves in an unknown and unexplained environment? How would they manage? How resilient and adaptable would they be? Would family and a sense of belonging and connectivity transcend generations?"
Once you open this book, you too, will be tangled.To Sam and Harry, a tree change means a TREEHOUSE... and time travel!
150-year-old Tanglewood Manor is Sam and Harry’s new home in the country. As their parents set about renovating the ruin, the brothers explore its secrets. One book in the dusty library is different.They open it and read a riddle.Now the house is suddenly full of the dead people from the portraits on the walls.And they are very much ALIVE.Will Sam and Harry ever be able to return home, or will Tanglewood Manor keep them in its grip forever?
Leaping Lola

AUTHOR : Tracey Hawkins



Lola loves to dance. 
She flounces and bounces all day long, practising for the Black and White Ball. 
But she is a brown Jersey cow, not a black-and-white cow. 
Can she disguise herself and have a spin on the dance floor?

Selected as a Notable Early Childhood Book of the Year by The Children's Book Council of Australia in 2020.

AGE : 3 - 6 years

RELEASE DATE : 1st October 2020

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