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The Riddle of Tanglewood Manor

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Once you open this book, you too, will be tangled.
To Sam and Harry, a tree change means a TREEHOUSE... and time travel!
150-year-old Tanglewood Manor is Sam and Harry’s new home in the country. As their parents set about renovating the ruin, the brothers explore its secrets. 
One book in the dusty library is different.
They open it and read a riddle.
Now the house is suddenly full of the dead people from the portraits on the walls.
And they are very much ALIVE.
Will Sam and Harry ever be able to return home, or will Tanglewood Manor keep them in its grip forever?

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Inside the Australian and New Zealand book industry

The historical references add an extra layer to the narrative, with the opportunity for humour when the kids’ modern lives conflict with the new one they’ve found themselves in. The family dynamics are well written, and this would be a perfect book to share or read aloud among adults and children. Sam and Harry have a relatable sibling bond, and they grow closer as their time-travelling caper progresses. The Riddle of Tanglewood Manor would suit readers aged seven and up who like a mysterious adventure tale that follows the much-appreciated conventions of the genre, including a satisfying conclusion.

BOOKS+PUBLISHING (Karys McEwen, President Victorian Branch CBCA)

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"I was very excited to get this book to review. 

It was a really good adventure, and was exciting because there parts that were a bit scary and parts that were funny, and lots of parts that were exciting to see what happened. The book was easy to follow and really fun to read. I really liked the riddles that the boys had to solve (and I even tried them on my family).

I give it 4 riddles out of 5"

James 9 year-old book reviewer

James reading my book in a tree.

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Click the images below for interviews and podcasts
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