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Death by Lipstick

Interactive crime workshop for students Years 10-12.


A thrilling murder mystery set on a small Island resort in the Bahamas. 

Four beautiful young models from different countries are competing to win a major modelling contract.

The idyllic location is perfect for the photo shoot. 

But things change as the week draws to a close. Miss Ireland has a winning picture and seems the favourite to win the coveted contract.


 Miss USA, Savannah Astor, is a girl who gets what she wants. She uses her wealth to investigate the background of her competitors and threatens to reveal secrets against them in order to win. 

When Savannah suddenly dies, nobody is surprised.

With no apparent signs of injury, her suspicious death is a mystery.

Has Savannah been murdered?

Teaching Strategy

-Interactive powerpoint session 

-Oral presentation of facts.

-Time for group work with Q&A with Tracey.

-Debriefing of known fact.


Learning Strategy for Students.

Lateral Thinking


Conceptual debate


Problem solving


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