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   Death at the Dig

Interactive murder mystery workshop for students Year 4 - Year 6 (Approx 90 mins)


This intriguing murder mystery is set in Egypt, in 1930.

At the site of an archaeological dig near the Tomb of Queen Nuku, Lord Gerald Ashburn has died unexpectedly and unnaturally.

Lord Ashburn has died from the poisonous venom of an Egyptian Asp.

Has he been murdered?

Inspector Solvit has been called upon to help reveal the truth behind Lord Ashburn’s death.

Circumstance points to murder.

Help Cody Solvit to prove Lord Ashburn’s death was a calculated murder and not misfortune.

Teaching Strategy

The mystery workshop includes- 

-  Initial oral presentation by    Tracey as interactive, theatrical narrative.

-  A mock crime scene with a 'victim',and props   for the presentation.

-  Work sheets/ or folders containing information   for students to review, consult and consider        during their investigation.

-  Assistance and consultation with Tracey during    the investigative process.

-  Whole group presentation of findings.

-  Debriefing of facts to reconsider.

-  True reveal of offender in the outcome of the         investigation. 

Learning Strategy for Students

- Group or individual work

- Development and sharing of ideas

- Interactive learning

- Communication

- Analysis and logic

- Lateral thinking

- Problem solving

- Inquiry based 

- Presentation of results

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