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Death by Blowdart

An interactive murder mystery workshop for students Year 7- Year 9 (approx 90 mins)


A thrilling murder mystery set in the Amazon Jungle in 1910.

The paddle-steamer, ‘The Amazon Princess’ has arrived in the port of Belem. Shortly after docking, wealthy, English spinster Lady Grange, is discovered dead in a deck chair. 

Lady Grange, has been murdered by a poisoned Blowdart.

Cody Solvit is summonsed to unravel the mysterious death.

In order to discover the truth, he works his way through a web of lies and deceit. Are the other passengers telling the truth? Or are they working together?

Who killed Lady Grange?

Help Cody Solvit unravel the clues to solve the mystery.

Teaching Strategy

The mystery workshop includes- 

-  Initial oral presentation by    Tracey as interactive, theatrical narrative.

-  A mock crime scene with a 'victim',and props for the presentation.

-  Work sheets/ or folders containing information   for students to review, consult and consider  during their investigation.

-  Assistance and consultation with Tracey during  the investigative process.

-  Whole group presentation of findings.

-  Debriefing of facts to reconsider.

-  True reveal of offender in the outcome of the  investigation. 

Learning Strategy for Students

- Group or individual work

- Development and sharing of ideas

- Interactive learning

- Communication

- Analysis and logic

- Lateral thinking

- Problem solving

- Inquiry based 

- Presentation of results

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