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I love book launches

I am rather late updating you on my book launch in late January. So much has happened since then and somehow, it is March already!

My book launch was a wonderful celebration.

Of course, the weeks prior to the launch date were veiled with the lingering risk of whether the launch would be in store or just a live zoom presentation. Fortunately for me, Covid restrictions were eased, and infection numbers decreased so the possibility of having having a real in-person launch became a reality (& we zoomed it live for those who couldn't make it).

However, not everything went as planned. Given it was Summer and warm (ish) we'd considered hosting the launch outside in the Kingston square. But of course, it was raining with a high chance of storms predicted on the day, so we had the launch inside the store. Neither covid or rain could spoil the day and a large bunch of keen people (masked & sanitised) turned up to make it a memorable day for me.

Peter Arnaudo, from the Book Cow, Kingston, is so welcoming and supportive of Canberra authors & illustrators. He does an incredible job hosting these events, promoting us and selling our books. You must go visit the store and buy armfuls of books * including mine :)

The afternoon quickly slid by. Speeches were made, the book was officially launched, I spent lots of time chatting with all the attendees and the best part is signing books of course. (sadly we didn't get any photos of the book signing)

Sam Rutter- Storytorch Press, me and Peter Arnaudo - The Book Cow

Lots of smiles

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