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Book Touring— 2022

Where does time go? Okay, so I bet you're thinking that's a funny thing for me to ask having just launched a time-slip novel.

Time mysteriously passes by. First it's a day, then it's weeks, before you know it—months have evolved and the seasons have changed.

Let me tell you what I have been doing following my book launch earlier this year.

Drum roll........

I've been out doing wonderful author events in bookshops in the Canberra region.

It's what authors love to do—book signing and meeting people in a store to tell them about your new release. It's such fun. It doesn't matter how many books you've written, it's always a thrill to see your books lined up on a shelf in a bookstore, and even more exciting when they are arranged in large stacks ready for signing.

February '22

Yass Bookstore NSW (Liberty Theatre Yass)

Look out!!!

I left the house and went out into a real store to sign books. (We did wear masks but removed them for the photos)

The Yass bookstore is an exquisite shop filled with books of course, and some fabulous antique collectables. So many items were the very same kitchen things I had written about in my new novel. It was almost as if the lovely owner, Joanna Hicks had arranged it for the story time reading and signing. Joanna and her staff made me very welcome. You must go visit.

I met an enthusiastic reader and young writer.

March '22

The Book Cow

Kingston ACT

After the long spate of lock downs we've had over the past 3 years, it's very exciting to go to a bookshop, meet with people and speak about my books. (We did wear the mandatory masks of course as was the rule then)

On a delightful afternoon in March, I was invited to spend my time presenting an author event, and there's no better way than to to spend it at the Book Cow.

It was hosted by Book Cow owner Peter Arnaudo, and the event was specifically for teacher/librarians.

Peter is an avid supporter of local writers and illustrators and always so incredibly welcoming.

He provided a long table overflowing with snacks, fruits, treats and wine for those that came along. He had books in piles ready to sell, and personally welcomed everyone into his store.

While enjoying the labours of Peter's efforts (that means I munched on grapes and cheese) I had the opportunity to mingle with the guests beforehand. I then spoke about my various publications, including The Riddle of Tanglewood Manor, what it was like to be an author and this followed with question time.

It's always fabulous to receive feedback from the teachers & librarians regarding my books. To hear what is popular, what is a 'dare you to read it' book—that is always Max Meets a Monster, and to hear the thoughts and comments from the kids that borrow them.

P.S. They were all very positive :) Go kids. Go Teachers and Librarians. Go Peter. You rock.

March '22

Dymocks Bookstore

Westfield Belconnen

What makes me smile?

Walking into a book shop and spying piles of my books filling a table, and receiving a warm welcome from two very lovely staff members happy to see me. We spent time chatting and then it was time to get signing.

It took a few hours, but I signed my way through the stacks of books, spoke to the kids shopping in the store with their parents and had a really fabulous time.

I even had the opportunity to catch-up with a friend (Yasmin) from one of my writing courses (@CIT) who has had her own work published since completing the course. How fantastic is that!

March '22

Harry Hartog

Westfield Woden.

Another Saturday author event and this trip was to Harry Hartog, Woden.

What a brilliant day it was.

Loads of kids, and lots of book sales. Yay.

The staff were fabulous as they always are and had set me up with a table, chairs and plenty of advertising pointing kids in my direction. (not hard to miss my banner)

I had one very eager fan (Thomas) who had come especially to meet me. He arrived at the door waving my book, yelling how much he loved it. That made my day. There was lots of laughter ringing through the shop as we discussed the funny bits he had read so far. I love my job.

April '22

Kinokuniya Bookstore

George Street, Sydney

I discovered the biggest bookstore ever! In Sydney.

Wow, it goes on forever with so many books to look at.

It was packed with many people pondering over shelves of fabulous offerings, and oodles of kids sitting on the floor lost in a story. The children's section was a minefield of books, kids, parents and escaping babies spread across the floor.

This store is truly amazing.

Of course I was absolutely delighted to sign my books and the staff insisted I had media pictures taken for insta/facebook etc.

Oh happy days— I couldn't stop smiling.

Again I have to say I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Looking very wind blown after walking in wild wind along the streets.

At the beginning of this post I asked 'where does time go?'

The answer it seems is that an author has an amazing social life once they've published a new book.

Book tours, author events and promotion is the reward for the months of creating, toying with new ideas, writing, rewriting and editing before proof reading.

The arrival of your new publication never fails to delight but the joy of sharing it with the world is thrilling.

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