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Great excitement. A new book contract!!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Late December 2020 I submitted a mid-grade manuscript to Storytorch Press.

As is the life of an author, waiting to hear back from a publisher seems like forever.

April 2021

Wahoo, I got a wonderful phone call to say my manuscript had been accepted.

That's when I did some happy dancing.

April 2021

Nothing makes an author happier than signing a new book contract.

The next step of course, is the start of negotiations with the publisher for the process towards publishing. That involves editing, rewriting some small sections & maybe addressing some changes to suit the direction of the story, choosing chapter headings, discussing and reviewing the cover illustration design, deciding on the dedication, reviewing the final proofs and then it was off for printing. Goodbye draft, see you when you come back as a book.

A sneak peek at the cover design.

The Riddle of Tanglewood Manor (book 1) will be released in March 2022.

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