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Canberra Writers Festival

Fabulous writing moments have just kept coming all through August and have kept me busy. The Canberra Writers Festival is a huge event held each year with a sensational lineup of national and international authors.

To be included in this year's festival was such an exciting moment. Our panel Capital Culture, the first session of the festival, sold out all of the 200 seats in the first two days of ticketing. Wow!

It was such a fabulous panel session with other local Canberra writers discussing Canberra—looking at what it's like to live and work as an artist in Canberra, and the beauty and culture of Australia's capital city. We had all contributed stories for the new anthology book Capital Culture. It was a terrific morning and we were well looked after by the museum staff.

Of course there was a book signing table. It was extremely long and perfectly set up in the main foyer of the National Museum of Australia with the majestic backdrop of the lake behind us and the sun on our backs. We signed lots and lots of books.

Here is picture of the book.

The panel in session

Here's me with dear friend and fellow children's author Irma Gold.

Signing books after the event.

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