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Bookweek 2021

August 2021

During lockdown schools were closed. The usual joy of visiting kids became another non event. But that didn't stop the fun happening at home.

I was sent this beautiful photo collage of little Lexi dressed as Leaping Lola. Isn't she gorgeous x I think I need to take her with me on school visits. Well done Lexi.

September 2021

The last week of school term was a blast. Although I couldn't attend Macgregor Primary School's Writing Festival in person, that didn't stop me meeting 220 happy faces that filled my screen in a checkerboard of little boxes.

We spent an hour discussing the who, what, when, where, how and why I create my murder mysteries. I was asked lots of terrific questions and thoroughly loved visiting Macgregor Primary and delighted to have been a part of their first writing festival.

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