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Blog news- EPIC update failure!

So much for being a writer. It seems I love words and creating but I'm not very good at doing blog posts.

My excuse? Hmmm..

1. An alien spaceship zapped me away to another planet.

2. I was kidnapped by pirates and they made me sail the high seas and dig for buried treasures before I could escape to a secret island and get rescued by a cargo ship.

3. I was caught up on an archeological dig in Egypt and forgot the time.

4. A mysterious fog came in during winter and somehow I ended up back in time and met lots of characters that have appeared in my newest book. Well that's the closest to the truth without the fog bit :)

The past 16 months of my life have been busy.

The second half of 2020 was altered by COVID 19 and the normal celebration of events I would have attended were cancelled.

Sadly, the ACT Chief Minister's Reading Challenge Awards was one of them. Perhaps we shall get to celebrate all the schools and wonderful readers who accepted the challenge and read a bazillion books this year? I hope so.

November 2020

ACT Writers Centre Book Awards- Shortlist

It was wonderful to see Leaping Lola shortlisted for the awards.

December 2020

Winners announced: Tania McCartney Fauna: Australia's Most Curious Creatures.

Tracey Hawkins Highly Commended: Leaping Lola

I've included the Judges comments below.

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