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A Murder in the library. What?

October 2021

ACT libraries are so much fun.

And best of all, you don't even need to be there to be part of the activities.

Beside being the guardians of a bazillion books, it seems that libraries like to offer a nice murder mystery or two as well.

Unfortunately, you can't borrow these, but they were offered as online workshops.

When I was approached by ACT Library to host murder mysteries online during the school holidays, I had to think on how to make that happen.

How would I set up a murder mystery without—

1. A dead body.

2. The suspects.

3. The weapon.


Well, with considerable planning and preparation I did make it happen.

**Does that means you'll find me catalogued in the CRIME section?

I am seriously in love with technology and the opportunities offered for so many diverse and wondrous things to still happen in this COVID restricted landscape we are living through.

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