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2021 - Crime Investigation, Murder, & Book Events.

February 2021

2021 kicked off with crime related bookings. No surprises...who doesn't love a nice murder to investigate?


1. murder victim

2. poison

3. suspects.

I headed to Canberra Girls Grammar school and happily spent the day working with the year six girls on solving a murder mystery. Gosh I love my 'job'.

March 2021

There's never too much to be discovered when it comes to writing crime.

My next road trip was to St Patricks Parish School in Cooma. Oh what joy to spend time with year 8 students who were dead keen to get into the nuts & bolts of all things gory.

It was a fabulous day and I was asked many dark questions all pertaining to disposing of a body. They certainly were invested in their crime writing unit of study and had many ideas.

To end the perfect day, I read my picture books to the junior school students. See, I'm not all dark and evil. I also write lovely picture books about monsters and dancing cows.

March 2021 ALEA Day

Now here is a big secret I shall share with you.

Teachers and librarians like to learn things even after finishing school!!! Yes they do.

They undertake training and development days- so I guess you could say, they do homework just like you. And it is done on weekends.

It was a really hot and sweaty March day when I joined some lovely authors to present a session on writing crime and how to include the many avenues of investigation (that fitted within the curriculum studies) and engage students. My new murder mystery for the day involved—a deputy, a principal, a staff morning tea and a missing epi pen. I discovered, teachers and librarians love a good murder too.

L-R Stephanie Owen Reeder, Nicole Godwin, Gina Newton and me holding up our newest publications.

March 2021

Authors love getting together. There's nothing like exchanging news on the world of publishing, showing off our new releases and catching up. We love escaping our writing dens. We particularly enjoy a nice celebration of a fellow writer's new publication. Book launches are hot events.

Local ACT children's authors & publishers at Irma Gold's book launch.

L-R Anna Solding, Sam Rutter, Stephanie Owen Reeder, Susannah Crispe, Tania McCartney, Irma Gold, Tracey Hawkins, Cate Whittle, Shelly Unwin, Craig Cormack, Maura Pierlot.

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