Workshops for Schools

Are your students keen to uncover the dark secrets of a twisted, interactive plot or to learn how to write their own murder mystery?

Contact to Tracey arrange an interactive workshop targeted at students in years 4-6 and 7-9 (90 minutes) and years 9-12 (45-60 minutes).

Death by Blowdart

 An interactive murder mystery workshop for Year 7- Year 9 students. (approx 90 mins)

Tuk-Tuk a witchdoctor in my murder mystery ‘Death by Blowdart’

A thrilling murder mystery set in the Amazon Jungle 1910.

The paddle-steamer, ‘The Amazon Princess’ has arrived in the port of Belem. Shortly after docking, English spinster Lady Grange is discovered dead in a deck chair. Lady Grange has not died from natural causes.

She has been murdered by a poisoned Blowdart.

Cody Solvit is summonsed to unravel the mysterious death. In order to discover the truth , he works his way through a web of lies and deceit. Are the other passengers telling the truth? Or working together?

Who killed Lady Grange?

Help Cody Solvit unravel the clues to solve the mystery.


Death at the Dig

An interactive murder mystery workshop for Year 4- Year 6 students. (Approx 90 mins)

An intriguing murder mystery set in Egypt, 1930.

At the site of an archaeological dig near the Tomb of Queen Nuku, Lord Gerald Ashburn has died unexpectedly.

Lord Ashburn has died from the poisonous venom of an Egyptian Asp.

Inspector Solvit has been called upon to help reveal the truth behind Lord Ashburn’s death.

Circumstance points to murder.

Help Cody Solvit to prove Lord Ashburn’s death was a calculated murder and not misfortune.


Death by Lipstick

Set on a small Island NE of the Bahamas, 2014.

After completing an International photo-shoot, young teen model, Savannah Woods suddenly drops dead at dinner.

An unexpected death in somebody so young is certainly a mystery. Savannah’s death is cloaked in an intricate web of events that point to murder.


‘How to Write a Murder Mystery’ is for Year 9-12 students. (45-60 mins) The presentation includes profiling suspects, discovering evidence, clues, herrings and analysing Police procedure and forensic investigation.