Inspiration for Yellow-Bellied Goalie

This story was based on a real-life moment!

I play hockey, I love hockey, but…I am a striker.

Not a goalie.

I aim to shoot goals and send that ball into the net.

Experiencing that moment in goals when everyone is out to get you- is frightening.

One time our goalie was sick. Nobody wanted to play in her position. As I was the team manager- I felt I had to volunteer.

Was I wrong to think the opposition team were going to slam that white ball at me, intending to score a goal?

Absolutely NOT.

I know too well the  adrenalin rush of driving the ball into a net and shouting at the goalie to get out the way.

That’s what strikers do.

I knew ‘They’ were out to beat me.

Being on the other side was not where I wanted to be, even with all the padding.

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