Tracey’s History

Tracey’s childhood years were such fun!

Tracey grew up  in a small country town called Kempsey on the mid-north coast of NSW. She loved the school holidays when she could play all day, climb trees, ride her bike, swim in her pool, go to the beach and have the best of fun playing make-believe games with all the kids in my neighbourhood. She and her friends and family spent hours pretending they were pirates, or cowboys and Indians, swinging from the long branches of Willow trees across a ditch.

She was very good at making up games that she could play with her brother. As she was the eldest she also got to make up the rules, give out the roles, tell him what he was to do, and so on. That’s what older sisters do. Living near the sea was wonderful and Tracey found it very hard to leave when they moved. They moved to live in Armidale, NSW. It really was in the country. It was higher in altitude, set on the range, and the endless paddocks were filled with  sheep- not dairy cows. It was a cold climate town with the nearest beach 3 hours drive away.

A very young me!

A very young Tracey!

She loves the cold.

She had never seen snow other than in a picture until Tracey moved to Armidale. She remembers walking home from school absolutely freezing when she realised ‘stuff’ was falling from the sky. At first she figured it was ash from a bonfire until she felt it. Tiny white and wet flakes of snow landed on her face. They melted instantly and were soft like clouds. Tracey ran as fast as she could to get home, brimming with excitement. It didn’t snow very often but each time it did, she was just as excited as if it was the first time. Tracey still loves the snow and as always- feel excited with the delerious anticipation of that odd coloured cloud bank forming in the sky, and the eerie stillness before the snowflakes fall.




After high school…

After finishing high school Tracey studied to become a teacher. When she graduated, sadly there were too many teachers and not enough jobs! So she moved to Canberra and joined the Australian Federal Police Force. During my years in the Police Force Tracey discovered everyday was different. Sometimes the work meant facing terrible tragedy and sad moments, but mostly it was rewarding with knowing she was there to help people in need.


Police college graduation


Then, the biggest adventure began…

After Tracey married and had children, she didn’t want to be a policewoman anymore. So she started a new adventure. This was the biggest adventure of all. It was motherhood.

Being a mother was exciting, tiring, thrilling and so very loving. It was  the best thing Tracey has have ever done. When her children were still very small, she enrolled in creative writing courses. She soon discovered and unleashed her passion and studied  more. And so it began- the writing life of Tracey Hawkins.


Family adventures


Travel inspires Tracey.

As  a little girl Tracey was fascinated by a world she knew waiting to be discovered. She started travelling as a teenager and has never stopped. Tracey’s writing is strongly influenced by the things she has seen and done and the exotic and wonderful placed she has visited.